Our Consulting Services

WISAU STRATEGIES defines itself as a provider of adapted financing solutions and tailor-made support in the following areas:

– Sectoral and macroeconomic analyses;
– Economic and institutional performance reforms;
– Financial engineering and development of financing files;
– Environmental and social impact studies;
– Strategies, organization, governance, planning, procedures, policies;
– General or specific assessment;
– Technical support and personalized follow-up;
– Training and capacity building;
– Representation, partnership, lobbying and public affairs;
– Publications and communications;
– Debt recovery.


We work with a varied target clients, including:
– National and provincial governments,
– Specialized public institutions or not,
– International or national organizations,
– Public or private companies, small, medium, or large, multinational, or local, in the making or already operational,
– Banks and other categories of financial institutions,
– Communities.