About Us

WISAU STRATEGIES is a simplified joint stock company “S.A.S” with a Board of Directors. It is a multidisciplinary and multisectoral firm whose intervention is primarily in line with the following main practice areas:

– Studies, advice, technical support and personalized follow-up;
– Strategies, organization, governance, planning, procedures, policies;
– Financial engineering and search for suitable financing;
– Design, support, implementation and evaluation of development projects;
– Environmental and social impact studies;
– Representation, partnership, lobbying and public affairs;
– Training and capacity building;
– Debt recovery.

Recently created in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, our firm has a pan-African vocation. It aims to be one of the gateways to investments that bring growth and create jobs in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Africa.
It is led by a team of fully bilingual ( English & French) Congolese experts, with long professional experience in prestigious Institutions both nationally and internationally.

In search of fruitful exchanges of experience, WISAU STRATEGIES is open to a high-level intellectual partnership with serious firms operating in regions where it is not yet represented. Its field of collaboration is not limited to a specific geographical area.


Contribute to the constant improvement of social well-being through the management of financing needs, technical support for growth and development projects, and collaboration in the stabilization of macro-economic frameworks attractive to new investments and conducive to socio-economic emergence. Hence our slogan: “Unlocking people’s wealth”.


WISAU STRATEGIES intends to establish itself as one of the privileged partners of its target customers in their quest for growth, good governance and full employment, by offering them professional support adapted to their needs and in accordance with international standards.


The effectiveness of our action is based on the following values:
– Professionalism,
– Ethics,
– Governance,
– Realism,
– Determination.